Re: The Electoral College

An Open Letter to:

  • actionsprout
  • dailykos
  • petition2congress
  • the nation


  • league of women voters

There are at least 5 petitions online about abolishing the electoral college and a number of organizations that favor getting rid of the college.  We believe that it is in the best interest of all to combine forces.  In order to get action from Congress, the heat must be overwhelming.

We propose that we all put forth the same petition under an umbrella name and that we request that all petition signers also call or write their congressperson.  Finally, we suggest that we give them ready made tools to make this happen (e.g. a letter that can be customized) and addresses/phone numbers.

Are you in?  and, what would it take to make this happen?


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What Do You Really Know About The Electoral College?

(This post was kindly submitted by one of our readers.  Please visit the source site for more information on the electoral college.)

The Electoral College actually elects the next president of the United States, not the popular vote. Here are some facts about the Electoral College: * There are 538 members of the Electoral Colleg…

Source: What Do You Really Know About The Electoral College?

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You Can Take Action Now on the Electoral College

There are multiple petitions on line requesting that the electoral college be abolished and that presidents be elected by popular vote.  If you agree, sign one or sign all.  (We would note that this rather proves one of our original points; groups with the same objectives are not joining forces in furtherance of those shared goals.  We believe a better coordinated effort will be more successful.)

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Below is the ranking of issues that we have decided to address from most important to least important:

  • MONEY:                                          75%
  • GERRYMANDERING                   73%
  • PRIMARY PROCESS                     66%
  • ELECTORAL COLLEGE                63%
  • MEDIA                                             60%
  • VOTING RIGHTS                           45%

We note that 96% of respondents singled out Congress as being the most important problem.  However, comments received indicated that it was the belief of voters that the ineffectiveness of Congress would be addressed by getting solutions for the other problems correct.  We are going to retain Congress as a category because among the comments we received were some interesting ideas on how to improve collegiality as a way to foster compromise.

Okay, folks, your turn again.  Please send us information on solutions to any or all of the above issues.


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More Background and Info on the Electoral College

There is a lot of information on the electoral college; origins, history, role in the electoral college and positions for and against.  Make up your own mind.  Below are some sites that provide basic information.  Enjoy.

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Proof that Liberals and Conservatives Agree on the Fundamentals

Below are two links to information in favor of abolishing the electoral college.  One link, a video, is from a conservative organization and the other, an article, is from a liberal organization.  Politicians would like us to believe we and they can’t agree on anything but, they are wrong.

(P.S.  The conservative web site,, gives you the opportunity to send a message to your local legislator in favor of ensuring that our presidents are elected by a majority.)

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More About Gerrymandering Including Some Interesting News


Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States, and Barack Obama are going to team up post-Presidency to address the issue of gerrymandering.  They are taking a state-by-state approach.  It is already clear that this will be one of our issues.

Let’s watch what Holder and Obama do and, if we agree with their solution, we will try to find a way to partner with them.  In any case, good communication can never hurt.



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